Mom Decided to Step In When Daughter Got Dress Code Violation

Morgan is a typical 12-year-old girl who wears regular clothes on an everyday basis. But one day, upon coming from school, she told her parents displeasing news.

She revealed to her parents that she was given a two-day suspension because the school’s officials thought her pants were too tight.

The Indianapolis-based school insisted that what Morgan is wearing is against the school code. This is despite being completely covered with no exposed body parts. School officials also added that the pants are just too fitting for her legs.

The following day, Morgan wore a new set of pants. But school officials still viewed the pants as inappropriate. The day after that, she wore another set of pants but was still seen by the school officials as a violation of the school dress code.

On both those days, she was issued a dress-code violation.

Because of this, Morgan’s mother Traci decided to step in.

According to Traci, her daughter is too petite. It was difficult to find clothes that fit her. She also added that sending Morgan to school wearing baggy pants is the last thing she’ll ever do.

Traci also pointed out the school’s insistence on making Morgan’s clothing a big issue when they should be focusing on her education.

However, the school officials remain firm in their decision. School officials forced Morgan to serve suspension before giving her two choices: to change all her pants or to serve two suspensions.

Traci is now reaching out to other students and parents regarding the controversy. This because according to her, Morgan has been wearing the same pants since the school year started and her pants being too tight only came up a week ago.

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Footage provided by WRTV Indianapolis