Mom Experiences Headache for Months Until Doctor Find the Answer

For nine months, a woman named Yadira Rostro has complained of terrible headaches that are persistent. Aside from that, she experienced a vision impairment. She, however, had no idea what was going on with her medical condition.

Yadira Rostro shared that she experienced crippling and uncomfortable symptoms. The agony is very intense. At first, the doctors ordered common procedure such as a CT scan. Just like a typical scenario, they assumed that such pain was due to a tumor of the brain. However, they were all wrong. The result has not prepared Yadira for her reaction. It is not a tumor, but it is a different thing – that weird and horrifying thing!

After a year of living in pain and agony, the doctors have finally concluded that the mother living in Texas had sacs of larvae in her brain. It was discovered that there was an approximate total of eight tapeworm eggs.

What’s worse is, the doctors believed that these parasites have built up a residence in her brain for two years. Due to a more extended period, the eggs have finally developed, and the fluid has built up slowly. This explains why she experienced severe headaches. As you can see, when there is excess fluid in the brain, it would lead to severe headaches.

A neurosurgeon named Dr. Richard Meyrat said that the small tapeworms have grown inside the eggs. As crazy as the story can be, this is a real-life experience shared by the person.

To witness how Yadira have handled this terrible condition and what was her reaction upon knowing the diagnosis, please watch the video below. In the footage, you will also learn how she is feeling after the surgery.