Cute Cockatoo Sticks Head Into A Kitchen Sink, Then Mom Realizes She’s Giving Herself A Shower

Have you thought of providing the birds in your garden with a bird bath? What about a sink shower? A woman was amused when she found out that their cute cockatoo sometimes gives himself a bath in the kitchen sink.

Normally, a family will simply purchase bird baths and fill these up with water so their birds could hang out in it. The purpose of the containers is to allow the furry birds to clean themselves. Seeing birds flying around your fancy bowls can also be a stress-free entertainment of them.

However, a bird owner discovers that she no longer has to purchase a bird bath for her pet. This is because her clever cockatoo was willing to help her save money by taking a shower almost anywhere.

Caesar the cockatoo is known for his fondness of taking a bath in his owner’s kitchen sink. Although this may seem to get in the mother’s way of hand washing, cooking, or cleaning, his little trick is a sight to behold.

According to the owner of the bird, Caesar will operate the sink whenever he wants to. It looks like he has his say when it comes to his shower time!

The story does not end there because according to Caesar’s owner, the bird even mimics a person who sings and dances while showering. You will see the cockatoo moving around to make sure that every part of his body is getting cleaned and washed properly.

While cleaning himself, he will make sounds as if he is indeed singing during the shower. Viewers of the video will surely be encouraged to consider getting a cockatoo as a pet. If you are one of these people, you may have to check first if your dogs or cats prefer an addition to the family.

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