Mom Finds Out 5-Year-Old Son Gets At The Wrong Stop

Being a mother means that you will have to face a lot of obstacles in life, especially in taking care of your children. This can be proven by Cynthia Roses who went through the unexpected when her five-year-old son, Richard, was left at the wrong bus stop.

The kid was lost for as long as 60 minutes following a way to home from the school. The Gus Franklin Jr. Elementary School’s kindergarten student had his first school bus trip on August 11, 2017. However, the kid living in Victorville, California did not get to meet his mother at the correct stop.

Cynthia explained the situation as the worst day in her life. Her son did not arrive at the time he should show up. Apparently, she was frantic and stated that Richard was left at the wrong stop. Since he does not know where he is, the child simply roamed around the streets and looked for his way home.

It was fortunate that there are Good Samaritans like Mario Gutierrez who saw Richard. The man was driving by and stopped to converse with the child. He knew that Richard was too young to walk on his own.

This initiated Mario to call the police. Moreover, he made it possible to give the child something to drink. The police brought the kid to the school and Cynthia reunited with him.

In order to prevent such situations in the future, even for other kids, Cynthia voiced out the need for the school to enforce further safeguards.

It will definitely be terrifying to anyone, especially if your kid is very young. Surely, the story has concerned a lot of parents. It is crucial to check the school bus policies beforehand to be certain.

Footage provided by KTLA Los Angeles