Mom Finds Out She’s Having Triplets

Lauren Whiteley could not but think something terrible had happened to her pregnancy, as the ultrasound technician didn’t give her much of choice with the stunned reaction he gave.

Everyone would have assumed the worst too, but it was nothing; the expecting mother was told to start expecting three. More like a shock you get just in a lifetime, I guess?

In fact, she wasn’t just going to give birth to a triplet, but identical boys! The ultra scan only saw a placenta. Even after the technician had long gone, they couldn’t help but wonder, a situation like this wasn’t a common thing among both families, and even the odds of having ones that’ll be identical would be one in about 2 million.

Even the doctor in charge, Savitri Kumar kept wondering what kind of miracle was about to happen. He said as at the time the hadn’t seen something of such throughout his 40 years work experience.

Micheal and Lauren already had two children, so it was a moment to think about the massive expansion of the family. They always wanted to have a big family, and now the only thing they could do was wait for it.

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