Mom Fires Back When Pool Staff Shames Her for Breastfeeding Baby

It’s natural for a mom to breastfeed her baby, especially when the baby starts to act fussy. When a baby starts to cry, that’s a sign that it might be hungry. Stephanie Buchanan does what any mom would do and breastfeeds her baby as soon as she could.

One day, Stephanie and her sister-in-law were at a public pool in Mora, Minnesota. Other than her three-month-old Roman, the two women brought with them, six other kids. It was a hot, summer day, so they went out to the pool to cool off.

When Roman started to cry, Stephanie pulled down the strap of her swimsuit as she sat by the shallow end of the pool. As she nursed her baby, another female came up to her and told her to cover herself up. The woman also said that she should breastfeed the baby in the locker room.

Stephanie refused to go to the locker room since someone needed to watch over the other kids. Because of this, police officers came to tell the two women to leave with their children. Stephanie believed that the staff at the pool broke the law.

It turns out that the Minnesota statute says that a mother can breastfeed her baby where she sees fit. It doesn’t matter if the place is public or not. Mothers have permission to expose their nipples provided it is for their babies to suckle on.

Angered by this incident, Stephanie posted her story on Facebook. The post became viral, and the pool staff came forward to apologize.

The state did state that they support breastfeeding. It was just that Stephanie and her sister-in-law’s actions made some patrons uncomfortable. The staff did apologize to Stephanie and her sister-in-law for the offenses they gave them.