Mom Found The Picture Of Her Son On A Stranger’s Craigslist Ad, Then Ultimately Realizes That The Stranger Has Put The Son Up For Sale!

Like many others, Jenni from Abington, MA wrote blogs. Her blogs were family-centric and contained pictures and articles about what any weekend activities or celebrations. As she thought only family members would be interested in it, she kept it public.

Lately, a woman emailed Jenni about her son being featured in the Craigslist for adoption. The email read “It seems someone is playing tricks by advertising your son for adoption. Do check.”

Initially,Jenni thought it to be some kind of prank and woman herself is playing games. But her mother instinct forced her to see the posts on Craigslist. Alas! What the lad had told her looked true. Somebody stole a picture from her blog post and was there for sale now. It was to deceive innocent people of their money.

And strange enough the link near the photo directed the user to her own blog page.

Obviously,Jenni was furious and emailed the advertiser to remove the ad as soon as possible. After getting no response, she decided to teach a good lesson to the prankster, for the sake of all children and parents.

This time Jenni decided to con the prankster. Using a fake email she wrote to the prankster that she wanted to adopt the boy in the picture.

To know more what happened next and why the parents should keep the family blogs private, watch the video below.

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