Mom And Dad Give Their Toddler A Pack Of Toilet Paper That He Says He Loves

Love is not something that can be easily explained if you’ve never experienced it. Especially if it’s a little boy’s love for toilet paper rolls.

In this video, a little boy is given a package of toilet paper as a gift. His mom then started filming.

The little guy clutches the toilet paper as tightly as his tiny arms will allow him to.

When the beaming child turned to his mom, she asked him what was wrong.

In his adorable voice, he replied, thank you, I really love this toilet paper, then looked at his present with a look of devotion.

He then called out to his father saying daddy, open. It was evident he had a plan for what he wanted to do with his new prized possession.

As his father opened it for him, his mom ask what are you going to do with it? Ignoring her question he simply took a roll in his hands and ran into another room. His mom following the entire time with the camera.

Have a look at the video below!

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