Mom Hands Her Daughters Envelopes

Some people really don’t like surprises. Still, nearly everyone has amazing reactions when they’re surprised.

Melanie Tisma is a mom to five beautiful daughters. When she decided to surprise them with a vacation, she knew their reactions would be entertaining. Luckily, she filmed the whole thing.

According to ViralHog, Melanie and her husband told their girls that they would be taking a family road trip from their home near Sydney, Australia. They were supposedly headed to Coffs Harbour for a seaside vacation and a trip to the Big Banana amusement park.

Just a little while into the drive, Melanie saw a cruise ship docked in the harbor. She asked her husband if they could drive up to it, telling everyone she wanted to get a better look at the huge boat.

That’s when Melanie handed a handful of envelopes back to her daughters and started filming.

Inside the envelopes were the girls’ boarding passes for their cruise. Melanie kept filming as her daughters slowly realized what they were looking at.

Their reactions to the moment are amazingly over-the-top. Melanie said her oldest daughter cried “for 30 minutes,” but even the youngest, who is still in a car seat, is amazed by the surprising news.

Melanie is totally proud of her fun surprise, and I would be too if I were her. This video makes me want to surprise someone right now!

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