Mom is Paid a Surprise Visit By Child Services Sent by Neighbor

When you have children, it’s normal for parents to let them out to play. However, since the rise of smart phones and technology, it has become normal for everyone, including children, to be stuck on their gadgets. That’s why it’s always a refreshing sight to see children playing out in the yard rather than engrossed with their tablets or phones.

Jacqui and her family of five reside in Manitoba, Canada. Their home has a fenced yard, which is why she is okay with leaving her kids to play outside. This proved to be a bad move though as she was reported to Child and Family Services by one of her neighbors.

Jacqui let her three children play outside when one of her neighbors noticed that the children were playing without parental supervision. This said neighbor decided to phone the CFS and issue a complaint against Jacqui. Jacqui was shocked to see a CFS representative at her door to make an investigation.

Children don’t need to be watched over when they are playing in the confines of their own home, which is why it was shocking to find out that the neighbor tattled on Jacqui about her own kids. Children need time to grow and develop their independence, and though everyone needs to be careful, it isn’t necessary to be a helicopter parent.

It’s surprising that a neighbor would be so brash and report something so innocent. What’s even more astounding is the fact that the neighbor couldn’t be bothered to just approach Jacqui on her own and raise her concerns. The fact that she had to call Child and Family Services raises concerns for fellow neighbors who let their kids play alone in their yards.