Couple Hides Twins until Birth

Pregnancy is usually a happy event that couples enjoy sharing with their near and dear ones. It is a time for the family to rally around, provide help, and enjoy the welcoming of a new member to the family. But keeping it a secret and surprising others can be fun too.

This is what this couple decided to do. The woman was carrying twins, but they decided not to tell this fact to anyone. Instead they just told everyone they were just expecting one child. They didn’t even tell their closest family members or their best friends about the twin babies.

When the time came for the mother to give birth, everyone who came to meet her and the baby just expected to see just one baby there. But they all got a pleasant surprise! The couple first showed them baby Finn. Once the visitors greeted him, the father turned around and presented them with baby Colby.

The visitors were surprised and the couple had caught their amazing reactions on video through a hidden camera. You too can see this in the video below!