Oprah Gives A Cool Makeover To A Plain Sweater Loving Mother Of Two

Love sweaters? Me too! But we need to accept this thing that they may not always be the best clothing option.

Heather had been married for 10 years in 2003 and had been a mother of two. Once a beauty queen, she had eventually become a sweater lover.

She owns an unbelievably huge collection of sweaters for all events, occasions and holidays!

The host of an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show called for heather and her hubby in order to transform this sweater loving mother.

Her hubby said that she resembled her mother when she wears her “pumpkin sweater”. Well, no husband would want his wife to look like her mother while she’s still young!

Heather was given a total makeover to get her, her sexpot look. But, it didn’t stop with her beauty queen look.

In an interview, Oprah is quoted stating that she “doesn’t enjoy giving people makeovers that they might not be able to manage on their own”. In case of heather, she wanted her to have a better sense of herself as a stunning woman and not sweater loving mother.

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