Mom Of 2 Writes Letters In Preparation For Her Death

Knowing that you will get married soon will make you feel excited and give you mixed emotions. You will prepare everything for it because you want to make it an unforgettable moment. However, the story about Ashley Mitchel and Army veteran David is different. They are facing their upcoming marriage with a lot of worries and fears.It was in May 2017, three months before their wedding in August, when the couple discovered the worst information to come into their lives. Ashley had a tumor. She was given treatment through chemotherapy, and it worked well enough to offer hope for recovery. However, just more than a month later, five more tumors appeared.

Ashley’s type of cancer is called NUT carcinoma, which is very rare and aggressive. While she still has hope for recovery, she is also preparing for the possible end of her life. Ashley and husband David have two sons; five-year-old Shane and three-year-old Jameson.

In the interview with 10NEWS, Ashley accepted the fact that she may lose her life anytime soon. Husband David said that he didn’t know how to live life without his wife. Ashley even shared that she wrote letters to her two sons that they can read when they grow up. She also wrote a letter to her husband and his future wife. Ashley also hoped that her husband would find a new love in the future to take care of their kids.

Despite Ashley’s condition, she is still looking for alternative treatment in Mexico, and she will fight until the end. However, husband David has become worried about her recently. Ashley had to stop her chemo because of financial reasons. They need people with a good heart like you. If you would like to help Ashley’s treatment and recovery, you may visit her GoFundMe page and donate now.

Photos and footage provided by KGTV San Diego