Expectant Mom of Triplets Gets Excited After Dad’s Revelation of the Gender of Third Baby

It might be difficult trying to understand the way some parents feel when they wait for their baby to be born in order to know the baby’s gender. There are so many activities apart from name planning, like a lot of pondering and brainstorming ahead between the dad and mum.

In the case of a couple who are expecting more than a child at once, this is a little more elevated for them. Parents finding out that they are going to have multiple babies might be given a very rude shock of their lives at first when they find out. In this case, they definitely would not want to have other surprises when the delivery period has finally come. Also, when revealing the the news to friends, family and associates can also be recorded for memorial purposes.

For instance, the Maybin family would definitely remember when they found out who the new members of their family would be or also how another family, the Howell family were able to end a streak of the 50/50 gender between them.

In the case of the Glover family, Kyle and Heather were just starting their small family before they were informed that they were going to add a set of triplets into the house and made sure they were going to do a little get together. On the day they were to find out who they were going to welcome into their house, their loved ones were present for revelation that was done from the slicing of a cake. The cake had 3 layers with A, B and C marked on each layer. The dad-to-be, Kyle, meticulously takes a slice into each of the layers to see the color inside. If it was blue, then it means it is a cowboy (male) while if it was the pink color then it indicates that its a princess (female).

From the video that was shot, the first layer was a little tricky to tell after a slice was taken but it eventually turned out to be a girl. This revelation actually got Heather, the mother-to-be, very excited although, Kyle looked like he had his mind made up on having a set of boys. Fortunately enough, when the next slice was taken from the B-layer, it turned out to be blue which made him feel a little relieved.

Next was the last layer and there was so much anxiety in the air, everyone was eager to know what it was going to be. At first, Kyle wanted to use a blue plate to place the cake in but then thought otherwise and asked Heather to pass him a pink one. As he dipped the knife into the cake, people watched and cheered in anticipation and then it finally happened! The cake dropped on the plate and it turned out to be pink, another baby girl. The mother-to-be was so delighted and got so much pleasantries from everyone.

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