Mom On Birth Control Keeps Getting Pregnant

It wasn’t that Becky Gower and her now-husband, Ed, didn’t desire kids. It was that they had actually simply been dating a couple of months. At the time, Becky was on the contraceptive pill.

“Ed and I had actually just begun seeing each other in August 2011, and I recognized that I was pregnant at the start of December that year,” Becky remembered. “I was so surprised, however much more than that I felt guilty due to the fact that I’d been consuming for the last 7 weeks and not caring for myself when all the while I was pregnant.”

After having their very first kid, Dylan, they took pleasure in the surprise of being a parent so much they chose to offer him a brother or sister. After Archie was born, they went back on contraception. Becky followed the instructions consistently.

Within a matter of weeks of taking the pill, she conceived once again with their 3rd kid, Finn. The couple quit on the pill and started to utilize prophylactics. Nevertheless, one split, so they had their 4th kid, their little woman, Cora.

“I’ve attempted whatever now however absolutely nothing appears to work. My body needs to simply turn down the hormonal agents,” Becky stated.

The couple feels as though their household is total with 4 kids. They have actually created an option to their unforeseen fertility problem.

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