Handicapped Mom and Daughter Are Haveing A Great Day Until The Unthinkable Happens

Sometime in the fall of 2015 Justine took her daughter to a local mall in Australia. She found an available handicap parking space and they were all set to enjoy a great day of bonding.

After having a wonderful time in the mall, they finally returned to their car. Justine immediately noticed that there was a handwritten note on her windshield. She was stunned when she read it.

Here’s what the note said: “Did you forget your wheelchair?”

The instant she finished reading the 5 words her day her heart sank. She felt like the note had completely ruined what had been a perfectly good day.

That’s because the reason Justine parked in a handicapped parking space, while it may not have been apparent, is because she is suffering from a handicap.

She went on to post a response to the note on Facebook.

Justine Van Den Borne, a handicapped mother from Australia, turned to Facebook in response to a terribly cruel note that was left on her windshield.

Facebook / Justine Van Den Borne

“To the person who left this on my car at Mitcham Shopping Centre, Several years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was 35.

And to be clear, not only MS but the worst one that is never going to go away and on top of that it’s slowly crippling me.”

Facebook / Justine Van Den Borne

“During the course of their short lives, my children have bravely dealt with things that no children should ever have to deal with.”

“On that day you saw me I was having one of my better days. I was able to walk unaided and having a nice day with my daughter.”

Facebook / Justine Van Den Borne

“Upon reading your note I began to feel like people were looking at me, the exact same way I feel when I’m not able to walk normally.”

Jason South / The Age

“Just in case you’re not aware, and it would appear you’re not, a disability doesn’t always mean someone has to be in a wheelchair.”

Facebook / Justine Van Den Borne

“Before you ruin someone’s day please remember you do not know everything.  Just because you can’t see it it doesn’t mean a person isn’t struggling to do something you take for granted. That is being able to easily put one foot in front of the other.”

This should be a reminder for everyone to never jump to conclusions; you simply never know what someone is struggling with. Please SHARE Justine’s story with your family and friends on Facebook.