Mom Thinks Mistake Made By Custom Gifts Company Was Funny

Even though Christmas had already passed, it is still the giving season. Some people are still trying to show their love to their friends and family by gift giving.

Stacy Williams Godfrey, a mother from Bristol, England, ordered customized mugs from a company that operated online. She sent to it a message through Facebook and told her desired print, which is ‘(if it’ll fit) With love Stacy, Kevin, Ross, Lucas and Kayla’ and the number of cups that she wanted to order.

It took about five days before she received them. However, she didn’t get to open it right away because she was busy with other things. When she was about to hand the gifts over, she noticed something hilarious about the mugs.

The words “if it all fits” were imprinted along with the names of the supposed mugs’ receivers. Stacy said that she only said it to serve as instruction and that she didn’t intend to say that the phrase should be part of the message.

She didn’t return the mugs because it was too late anyway and it didn’t in any way ruin the message on the cups. She thought it was hilarious and so did the people to whom they were given to.

Stacy also sent a message to the company, telling them of what had happened. The company was sorry for the mistake, but Stacy was just thrilled with the error and thought it was funny.

On the company’s defense, they said that they thought the “if it all fits” statement was just some kind of weird joke that the sender wanted to imprint in the mug.

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