How Young Is Too Young, One Mom Allows Her 4 Year Old To Watch Her Give Birth

Watching the miracle of childbirth is usually something that is reserved for adults, or teenagers fulfilling the requirements of a Sex Education class.

However, according to one mom watching a child be born is something even a preschooler should be allowed to do. Vivien Peppit is the mother who allowed her four-year-old daughter, Jessica, to watch her give birth to her brother.

This came about after little Jessica asked her parents if she could witness the birth. Vivien goes on to explain that she prepared her daughter for what she was going to be seeing by having her watch videos of other mothers giving birth.

Even being perfectly honest and clear with her that there would be blood and quite possibly some shouting.

In the aftermath, Vivien says the bonding experience between the new sister and brother was well worth the experience. Jessica was the first person to ever hold him and doing so has created a bond between the two children that is amazing.

The new second-time mom also said having her young daughter present was a calming experience. It should also be noted that the birth took place in their home.

However, not everyone believes it’s a good idea to have a child present for a birth.

For instance, one journalist by the name of Martin Daubney strongly disagrees with the idea. Citing concerns about the risks involved should something go wrong during the birthing process.

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