Mom Watches And Has Fun With Daughters Reaction To Her First Taste Of Jallepeno Peppers

A taste for spicy food is one of those things that some people are born with, and some just aren’t. While some seem to truly enjoy the sting of spicy hot food hitting their tongue, then others want nothing to do with such an experience.

Then there are those who have somehow convinced themselves that they have cayenne pepper flowing through their veins. Even if they’ve never had cayenne peppers before.

The little girl in this video is in this category. Sitting safely tucked in her mother’s arms, she’s anxiously awaiting to get her first taste of jalapeño. When the time comes she very cautiously puts the pepper into her mouth, then takes it out quickly.

“I love it!” she says enthusiastically to her mom, as mom encourages her with a nod.

Then she takes another bite, as her eyebrows pinch inward as the heat of the pepper registers with her taste buds. This time when she looks up at her mother she gives out another “Mmmmmm!” This time though a lot less convincing.

“So, you like it?” mom asks her while carefully studying her face. The little girl now sitting quietly, as she appears to be in the middle of some sort of internal conflict. Then all of a sudden she lets out a huge gasp, and at the same time she spits the pepper out.

Her mom lets out a chuckle while quickly handing her a drink, while dad continues recording what’s going on, he playfully adds “Mommy, that wasn’t very nice. Letting her do that,”

To which mom smile and says, “Well, she said she loved it.”

Poor little thing. Maybe if she hangs in there and continues trying she’ll reach a point where she can handle spicy foods. Who knows. If you enjoyed this funny video be sure to SHARE it!