Pitbull Saves Woman’s Life

The unlikeliest of heroes can pop up from out of the blue when an individual is in danger. No one knows where potentially needed assistance could come from, and the proof can be found in the story of one woman who was saved from a brutal attack by a Pitbull that didn’t even belong to her.

This happened in 2009 when a begrudged soon to be ex-husband decided to pay his estranged wife a visit without her consent. The man attacked his unsuspecting victim upon arrival, and proceeded to beat her mercilessly as he dragged her out on to the street. It was there that a 2 year old Pitbull by the name of Biltz witnessed the altercation, and proceeded to leap to the woman’s rescue.

The dog rushed from his own house towards the attacker and the surprise appearance of the canine, not to mention his menacing approach, was enough to put the attacker off long enough for the women to break his grip and make an escape. She then proceeded to run back into the house that Blitz had come from and call the police.

Blitz’s owner decided to share the story with the public in a bid to change the negative perspective held by most people with regard to bulldogs.