Most Iconic ‘Queen of Soul’ Athena Franklin Lost Battle to Cancer

We all have our favorite singer, band, or entertainer that can quickly lift our mood no matter how we feel – all it really takes is to hear their music or what-not then you become fine. There will always be those songs that touch our hearts a different way and really help in achieving happiness and help us alleviate from all the stress in the world, which makes the situation all the more sadder. Now imagine if the star who had recently passed away be your most favorite singer who you waited for to hear live at a concert.

This was the case for the passing of the legendary soul singer Athena Franklin at the ripe age of 76. Aretha died due to complications from her pancreatic cancer.

She had already been dealing with the problem for quite some time now and had recently taken breaks between her performances in order to relax and give herself time to heal. It appears though that with every passing moment that she got back from resting would only make her position worse and worse with every single day. She took the liberty of telling that she was already perfectly fine and that her pancreatic cancer was no more, but the struggle she felt was just downright impossible to hide from her face.

This led to her retiring in 2017 and soon after would make her being quiet and quiet with every time that passes. Her health really took a toll on her as it was very apparent that her weight drops dramatically as if by no reason at all. It was a truly sad moment for us all.

Watch the video down below to learn more of this tragic ending.