Mother Helps her Autistic Son After Choosing a Golden Retriever

Shanna Niehaus’ son, named Kai, suffers from autism. Kai cannot find a means to connect with other kids and therefore make friends. Even establishing short conversations can be very difficult for him.

As much as she would like to help her son, Shanna knew that any unnecessary intervention would only make things worse. Shanna, therefore, wondered how she was going to console her son. In fact, Shanna, oftentimes, can’t even hug, dress, or touch Kai whenever she wanted to.

Shanna saw how hard it was for Kai to try and make friends. Countless times, Kai failed to connect with the other kids.

Shanna wanted her beloved Kai to find the best friend of his life.

Shanna placed Kai under a series of therapy sessions to help boost character build up. However, the sessions fell short of favorable results.

Determined to help Kai, Shanna thought of another option. She led a fundraising drive to acquire a service dog.

After two years of saving, the family raised enough money to get Kai his own best buddy.

The 4 Paws for Ability organization found Tornado, a golden retriever, to be the best match for Kai’s situation.

The first time Tornado got close to Kai, Shanna became very nervous. She observed the fateful meeting while holding her breath.

Surprisingly, Kai cuddled his new buddy. He even lay on Tornado’s back to feel her caress. Indeed, Kai and Tornado were a perfect fit.

The whole scene left Shanna crying for joy. Shanna said that she would always remember Kai bursting with happiness.

Watch the video below to see how Kai found the best buddy of his life.