Mother Makes A Powerful Stand After Daughter Gets Punished

Some lessons aren’t taught by teachers, but by parents who stand for the truth. We can’t confirm the details of this mom’s story, but it is still one that demands to be heard.

As a nurse working a busy schedule, the mom was alarmed when her work was interrupted by a call from my daughter’s school. Now, she had a child’s abuse injuries to attend to police to speak with, so she already had a lot her my plate. When they told me her daughter had physically injured another student, the mother was perplexed.


Her arrival at the principal’s office was met with a snide remark about her tardiness. The teacher fell silent when she explained my situation at the hospital.

After some discussion, she discovered that the boy her daughter hurt had pulled at her bra straps. When  asked if the mother needed to file a case against him, the adults in the room stared blankly at her.  Then, her daughter spoke up.


According to her daughter, she asked the boy to stop. She asked him over and over, but he wouldn’t stop. When her bra came undone, she already ran out of options. The boy stopped after she punched him.

The mother asked if they would have allowed the boy to do it to a teacher, or to a parent. They were speechless. If it was wrong to do it to an adult, why would they allow him to hurt her fifteen-year-old daughter?


After she made my disappointment clear, she took my daughter home and reported the case to the school board. She was later moved to a new class. The mother made sure that her daughter knew, despite what they all said, that she had only done the right thing.