Mother Realizes Her Son Has Written To Santa A Mail About Her!!

We have seen small children writing letters asking for toys and presents to Santa. Anyway, here is a 12 year old who wrote Santa a mail asking for some more crucial and touchy thing.

The only thing that Arnulfo Guerra Jr. asked for was a new and healthy heart for his mother. In general children use to give up believing Santa by this age; However, when the matter is of your mother, you might start believing in miraculous gifts once again.

The letter starts by stating that he believe in Santa and then states that he don’t need toys for himself. He writes he just want a healthy heart for his mother. He explains that his mom is sick with transposition of the great arteries. He then express his sadness stating that he want her for many more years and that he and his father pray for her all time. He ends the letter stating that he want to see her happy and healthy.

A social worker handed over the letter to the Channelview Fire Department following which a group of first responders arrived at his place with surprise toys and a bicycle.

That was when his mother came to know about the letter and she was all teary then.

Fire captain Justin Wischnewsky says how heart-warming it was to know that there sre such selfless kids around, who just want his mother to be fine. He regrets of not being able to do so much, but he wants to try to get the boy the best Christmas

The boy’s mom has been, for an year, on a donor list. She might have to even wait for four more years; anyway, the thoughtful work made the day for the family.

The boy’s father says his wife is very happy with all that and that they all are quite happy.

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