Mother Withdraws Her Child At School After A Dress Code Offense

Brittany Anderson is a mother of a 12-year-old boy from Teleos Preparatory Academy. She got enraged by a sudden call she received from school administrators few months before the end of the school year due to her son’s braided hair. It was evidently declared in the school’s handbook that Anderson confessed she did not probe and that students are not allowed to have an ununiformed hairstyle.

Anderson apprehends the demand of school rules, but what she was enraged about was the fact that the school tolerated it for months and would alert her few months before the end of school year. She then reiterated that if she was notified the first day, she wouldn’t let her son grow his hair more.

Instead of following the tardy rule, she chose to withdraw her son from school. She doesn’t understand the point of enacting a rule months before the end of school year.

Now, Anderson is on a quest to labor a point towards school rules and regulations. The essential dress code that many people raise a brow at is yet to be discussed. Rules and regulation of schools aim to promote uniformity and obedience.

Students visualize the image of the school, hence the need for carrying out good moral and right conduct to the students. To further understand these rules, affiliation and cooperation with the school’s administrators must be the resolving key.

In relation to that, the school administrators’ prime responsibility is to orient every student and, most importantly, the parents on the obligation of their child to follow simple rules. Make them realize that if their child couldn’t follow a rule as basic as that, how much more the complex rules they’ll encounter while growing up?

Well, rules are rules. No one has the say to change either one of that.

To avoid complications, the best way to resort is to follow. But hey, like what Dr. Seuss said, we do not need to fit in if we are born to stand out. Now, which point are you in?

Footage and photos provided by KNXV Phoenix