Mushroom-Shaped Iceberg Catches Fisherman’s Attention

Everyone knows that Labradors are an awesome breed of dog. But, did you know that Labrador also happens to be a region in Canada? Yes, that’s also a Canadian region right by its eastern coast.  If you don’t know where it is, it’s in the north most part of Quebec.

These parts get very, very cold. Which is why a lot of the people who live in these parts stick together. Everyone here lives in peace and harmony. They are also one with nature here. Thanks to that, they rely on fishing to survive. The people of Labrador can help offer you some of the most delicious crabs you can find.

For one fisher man has something else to offer: a story. This fisherman is Alan Russel. He and Mallory Harrigan were out at sea to fish for crabs. It was another day for them. But then, they found something they would never forget.

It was a large iceberg. The iceberg was in the shape of the mushroom. It wasn’t only the shape of the ice that caught their eyes, but also what was one the mushroom-shaped iceberg.

At first they thought it was a seal. When they got closer to it, this ‘seal’ was notably fuzzy and had four legs. They realized that it was no seal. It was an artic fox.

The two knew they had to rescue it. It took a while since the fox was wary of them getting near it. When it was on the iceberg, it looked scared and cold. Even if the fox doesn’t seem to trust Mallory and Alan, its mood improved when it got off the huge iceberg.

Once they got to the harbor, the fox got off the ship. Alan hopes that the fox wouldn’t experience something like that again.