Neil Diamond Calls Off His Tour Due To A Tragic Diagnosis

Neil Diamond is a well-known and beloved singer across the world. He wrote and sang great hits such as “Sweet Caroline” and “Cracklin’ Rosie.” Along with being a singer, he also writes his songs, plays instruments, and is an actor. These skills make Neil Diamond an all-around artist. Many people were excited to hear that he was about to have a tour around New Zealand and Australia. This tour was to celebrate Neil Diamond’s 50 years of performing.

Fans were rushing out to buy tickets and were overjoyed for a new tour. However, this joy was cut short due to some unfortunate news.

Neil Diamond posted a story on his website. It was him revealing and explaining that he had to retire from doing tours. The singer described how much he loved and appreciated all of his fans in detail. However, he had no choice but to cancel his tour.

A recent trip to the doctor revealed that Neil Diamond had Parkinson’s disease. This disease affects the motor skills of a person. This condition would make it difficult for Neil to tour, so the doctor strongly urged him to rest.

Despite his love for his fans and music, he decided to heed by the doctor’s orders. He stated that health is going to be his top priority. However, this doesn’t mean that his love of music has to stop.

He mentioned on his website that his diagnosis wasn’t going to stop him. He has plans to continue his music career. He shares that he will still write songs and record them for his fans to enjoy.

Neil Diamond is a perfect example of what to do when you are faced with hardships. He was preparing to go on tour, but his health kept him from doing so. He decided to continue with his passion and create more music for all of us.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Eva Rinaldi

Footage provided by KERO Bakersfield