Never Neglect These 10 Minor Home Repairs, These May Turn Bigger Later!

It can be pretty exhausting to keep an eye on everything that needs to be done around in your home every day.

After the laundry, cleaning, organizing, cooking, and the everyday chores of the home, managing the handiwork can look quite intimidating.

Nevertheless, ignoring small problems and giving them time to turn into big ones is not a great approach either. Therefore, dealing with small things and problems as they surface saves both time and effort.

Although it might feel like these 10-problems are not worthy of your time while you’re rectifying them, you will thank your past-self later on for saving you the week you would have spent repairing the ceiling post a major leak on the upper floor.

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1. Small Masonry Problems

Flickr / Bill Barber

Keep a close eye on small cracks in your walls made out of stone or brick, and start grouting as soon as you see one. Small cracks pave the way for bigger ones, eventually bringing down the entire structure. Fix those cracks as they come!

2. Cracks in Driveways

Flickr / Andreas Møller

A little crack in your driveway might seem harmless, but it can contain water which will expand after freezing, worsening the cracks. Before your driveway starts turning into little islands from asphalt, make sure you patch them up nicely.

3. Wobbly Sliding Doors

Flickr / neily peelie

Adjust the tracking or put some grease on your sliding door if you are facing difficulty in opening it. It is not uncommon at all for these doors to jam permanently if a small defect goes unnoticed.

4. Fraying Carpets

Flickr / Jim Renaud

Snip and take care of the small frays as soon as you locate those unsightly, long runs.

5. Non-tight Railings on Deck

Flickr / oddharmonic

Before a family member approaches to lean on those wobbly railings and takes a nasty dip, make sure you secure them.

6. Withering Caulk

Flickr / Bart Everson

You are looking at some serious water damage and repairs on their way if you let the caulk wither away from your sinks, tubs, and showers. Repairing a leaky ceiling is going to be way too difficult than re-caulking your bathroom or kitchen.

7. Clogging Gutters

Flickr / Lauren Finkel

Before the winter comes around, make sure to get your gutter free from debris and leaves. Water that would not drain out will turn into ice, potentially bringing down the gutter away from your home in an avoidable situation.

8. Peculiar Water Marks

Flickr / Sam Fam

Condensation is simply not something you are dealing with, if you locate water stains in patches on your house’s ceiling. It is fine if you find the underlying reason like a pipe leakage on the floor above, otherwise it calls for brining a professional.

9. Deteriorated Hardwood Floors

Flickr / Heather Fowler

A little wear and tear is common on every hardwood floor in a family home. However, whenever you notices that scratches have begun to pile up, you should readily give them a light re-finishing and sanding without any delay. Your floor could be completely destroyed if you let the damage go unnoticed.

10. Leaking Faucets

Flickr / John X

Although small leakages are completely ignorable, they are bound to get bigger and difficult to fix if they are not addressed soon, paving the way for plumber-repair of hundreds of dollars before you realize.

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