New Found Friendship After a 90-Minute Conversation

It’s not every day that people start a conversation with someone they’ve just met and sometimes acts like these that can turn one sad day around. For one guy from Greenwood, Indiana, his decision to chat up a stranger at a supermarket made such a difference.

Gregory R. Johnson encountered an old man named Jim at Kroger supermarket. He noticed the things inside Jim’s cart, a dozen red roses and a large birthday cake, and he decided to start a conversation with him.

Judging from the contents of his cart, Gregory claimed that Jim had a big night prepared, but Jim’s reaction took him by surprise. The old man looked up at Gregory with the most heartbreaking stare.

Jim then explained that he was about to celebrate a birthday party at home by himself. Despite the death of his wife, Gloria, Jim continued the annual tradition without her. The old man continued to explain that soon as he arrives home, he’d place the roses on the kitchen table and prepare two slices of the cake for him and Gloria.

During their 90-minute conversation, the manager of the supermarket approached Jim and asked for a photograph of him and his dozen red roses which would be put up on the bulletin board. This was just another annual tradition of Kroger supermarket.

Gregory learned that Jim and Gloria were high school sweethearts and were married for 53 years. He also noticed how Jim’s face would light up when the topic was about his wife. The pair met back in high school, where Jim was the lead basketball player for the rival school while his wife was a cheerleader.

Again the manager of the supermarket approached Gregory and Jim and asked for a photograph of them together. Soon after the photo was taken, Gregory immediately noticed a change in Jim’s expression — he was smiling and was clearly happy at that moment.