Expecting Mom Ignites Online Feud When She Says It’s ‘Unreasonable’ To Allow Men In Maternity Ward

So, the question is should all men be barred from maternity wards? For some women, the answer is yes.

One user of the online British discussion forum Mumsnet took and unpopular harsh stance on the issue. “There is no chance I want him [her husband] or more importantly a load of other blokes on the ward,” she wrote in a post.

In her defense, we can see where she’s coming from. The idea of being surrounded by men you don’t know in a situation like childbirth doesn’t sound like something anybody looks forward to. However, many women also do find it comforting to have their significant other present in those life changing moments.

The outrage that followed this particular mom’s stance on the issue just goes to show there is no easy answer to the question: What is a man’s place in the delivery room?


The debate started anew when an expecting mom, who goes by the username hullabaloo234, was filling out paperwork at the hospital.



Another user totally agrees with her: “I think its [sic] horrible that ladies who have given birth are expected to be ok with other peoples partners being on the ward 24 hours per day.”

But, not everyone agrees with her…


Of course, some many new mothers feel completely different than the debate starter on this one. The support of their partner is essential to them.


Another mother speaking from experience agrees with the one above about needing support.

“You are being a bit ott [over the top],” she writes. “I’ve had a lot of sections and trust me, you will want your oh there after your section.”


Then there was this mother, who had such a bad experience with unwanted visitors that she ended up leaving the hospital prematurely.


Read all these responses and more at Mumsnet.com. There are valid arguments to support both sides.

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