Newborn Skin Turns Into Blisters Once Touched Due To Odd Condition

It was very unfortunate for Rhiannon Atkinson because she could not even cuddle her newborn baby girl she named Pippa. The baby girl was diagnosed with an unusual condition with the skin called epidermolysis bullosa.

When Rhiannon first met her newborn baby, she was disheartened because Pippa looked as if she was dipped in boiling water. Her hands and feet were red and raw filled with blisters all over.

Because of that, she needed to be confined to the newborn’s intensive care unit.

Rhiannon further noted that they were not able to touch her newborn baby’s skin. Every time someone would touch her, red blisters and tears would suddenly emerge from her skin.

They endured the pain of not being able to touch their little one for the entire five months of her life because of the said condition.

It was such a pain for a mother like her knowing that your child has a rare condition. The pain even deepens knowing that you cannot even touch your child. That in itself is like torture.

When Pippa was already allowed to go home, she still needed intensified care. Her mom still had to clean and bandage her skin so it wouldn’t hurt so badly.

A group of specialist and nurses was also behind Pippa’s recovery every single day.

They were also advised to clean the house every day to avoid any dirt getting into Pippa’s skin because it might escalate into an infection. It was a total hard work for all of them especially that the blisters were showing on almost every part of her tiny body.

Ultimately, it may have been hard for Rhiannon to see her daughter in that condition, but she is in so much hope. Now, her daughter is gradually improving,and they can finally cuddle her a little bit because of the slight improvement.

This baby girl is indeed an epitome of courage. Share her story and inspire other parents to keep the love they have for their children!