News Anchor Reports an Accident, Realizing Her Husband is the Victim

Newscasters are always expected to deliver news reports with neutrality, in spite of their personal biases toward the news they are reporting. However, it becomes a lot more challenging to do this especially when it is about someone you know.

For news broadcaster Supreet Kaur, it seemed like just another day at the office. She was delivering a report about a vehicular accident that happened in Mahasamund district in India, where three men died on the spot, and two men were injured.

Unfortunately, one of the victims turned out to be her husband.

Image Source: AWM

Ms. Kaur began to suspect that it was her spouse that was involved in the accident as she continued to report on the story, but remained calm and kept reading the teleprompter. Her colleagues were devastated when they discovered what had happened, applauding Ms. Kaur for her professionalism regardless of what happened.

At the time of the broadcast, Ms. Kaur had been seasoned reporter for the Indian television channel IBC24 for nine years. She had seamlessly delivered several tragic news reports during her stint. This was the first time she encountered a news report that had personal relevance to her.

A colleague of the reporter told Times of India that the situation was devastating. However, Ms. Kaur was able to keep her composure despite the horrible news she was delivering. Her commitment to her job and the viewers moved her colleagues, who were all proud of how she handled the situation.

Image Source: YouTube

As soon as the broadcast was over, Ms. Kaur confirmed that it was indeed her husband who was part of the accident, and she broke down in tears. She and her husband were married for eighteen months when the tragedy occurred.