No One Shows Up To Little Girl’s Birthday So Mom Arranges A Parade Of Fire Trucks

When you see a big group of first responders like firemen, cops officers, and EMTs show up to a scene, it must indicate there’s something wrong.

Well, not in this case! In the video listed below, a wave of very first responders rallies around one 6-year-old girl.

All because nobody appeared to commemorate her birthday celebration.

“Nobody should have a birthday celebration,” states Division Chief Michael MacDonald of the Texas Rural Fire Protection group.

An instructor pal of Chief MacDonald informed him that 6-year-old Eva had actually spent her birthday alone, and he rapidly chose to treat that.

Eva’s Mama Desiree Carolyn knew about the upcoming surprise, she was still shocked when she saw how many first responders really showed up.

“This was a parade. We actually had a little, mini, individual parade. I’m so ecstatic. This was incredible,” she states.

Members of Texas Rural Fire Protection, Round Rock Police, Round Rock Fire, Austin Police, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, and Williamson County Constable Precinct 1 all showed up to toss Eva a surprise celebration.

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