Nursing Homes: Are They What You Think They Appear To Be?

When we bring our parents or grandparents to a nursing home, we know they’d be safe and taken care of. We know they’d be comfortable. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case of Mary Thompson. Her story is proof that sending our elderlies to the best nursing home is not a guarantee of comfort and safety.

Mary’s granddaughter posted on Facebook about her grandmother’s experience in a nursing home. It was apparent that Mary was not getting the comfort that she needs after a major operation. This post was viral and had caused angry people to react.

Mary Thompson is 79 years old and had undergone a serious operation. She needed rest, nourishment, and comfort for a fast recovery. However, the nursing home thought otherwise. One night, the nursing home served Mary an unacceptable dinner plate.

Credit: Facebook / Elisha Thompson

According to her during her interview with The Sun, she requested for egg, ham, and chips. The attendant returned with ham, beans, and chips. Diane, who was there, asked where the egg was. The server told them the nursing home ran out of eggs. Diane and Elisha were aghast since Tesco is just across the street.

Mary told the attendant that she couldn’t eat beans. When the staff came back, Mary’s plate contained only chips. Diane asked where the ham had gone. The staff answered that Mary wouldn’t eat it since it was just a sandwich ham.

Diane was vocal about her disgust. She told the staff that the chips were frozen and reheated. There’s no way that her mother could eat the chips. In her post, she ranted that her dog wouldn’t even want to eat such kind of meal.

Elisha’s post has been shared more than 60,000 times. She warned people how some nursing homes treat old people. We should be aware of this kind of treatment.

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