Nursing Student Effectively Applies CPR Lessons to Save Choking Boy

One November morning, María López was waiting at the subway station in Granada. The day appeared to be a typical one as if nothing special or interesting would take place.

Maria was completely unaware that she was about to give a life-changing experience to a little boy and his family in their lifetime.

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Based on the IES Aynadamar website where Maria was studying nursing, the student heard the desperate wailing of a mother.

She was crying for help because her son was choking. The screaming mother was tapping the face of her 9-year-old son, frantic to obtain a response.

As the passengers of the subway train sat on their seats appearing paralyzed, Maria did not hesitate to run towards the mother and her son.

The boy’s face looked red and his hands were grabbing his neck. Maria also noticed that the boy’s facial color was already altering, turning purple.

Maria reckoned that it was the right time to apply the lessons about cardiopulmonary resuscitation which she learned a month before the incident.

When she spoke to the media, Maria shared that she was upset because the people were not helping.

The nursing student put the boy on her lap and she performed the Heimlich Maneuver. This emergency technique of abdominal thrusts aims to expel the object that could be choking a patient.

Maria successfully facilitated the boy’s vomiting of the candy that was the culprit that congested his throat.

The little boy was able to recuperate and his first words were expressions of thankfulness to Maria for helping him survive.

Maria, apparently, demonstrated that she has the capability to become an effective health professional.

Her responsiveness to the situation shows that she is ready to help and serve patients during emergency situations.

The child’s parents are forever grateful to Maria for rescuing him. Feel free to share this story about the heroism of Maria who deserves commendation!