Officers Review Security Footage And Can’t Believe What They See Take Place

Arlington, Texas, law enforcement officer evaluated security video of a male getting into a house. They were stunned to see who got the supposed robber to leave the house.

A small canine was caught on cam barking at the supposed burglar. According to authorities, the male on video camera went in the front door of a house.

As he goes in a lap dog is seen ending being alert. He begins to bark.

When the guy in the video sees the pet, he instantly reverses and runs right out of the front door.

“This little pooch conserved the day, an intruder opened the door, got startled by this canine,” the Arlington, Texas, cops workplace tweeted when they shared the video.

It does not matter the size, pet dogs are constantly there to safeguard us. They are really man’s best friend. Luckily, the protective pooch is OKAY, as is the household’s house.

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