One Last Salute: Army Veteran Honored By Stranger

They say the measure of how well you lived your life is through the impact you have made to others. 91-year-old Fred Ladage surely made his when a stranger stopped by during his funeral procession to give him one last salute.

The stranger pulled over his semi-truck and placed his hand in his heart as a way of honoring the veteran one last time. This act deeply touched Fred’s family. However, they were not able to get the name of this stranger.

It was a good thing though that the husband of Fred’s granddaughter, Kristen Collins, was able to take a picture of the kind stranger. Kristen then turned to social media in the hope of knowing who the stranger was. Just hours after posting the photo, the wife of the stranger saw it.

The stranger’s name is Bradley Faulkner. Bradley comes from a military family and was a veteran himself. He served the military for nine years and was assigned in Iraq as part of the military police.

Bradley immediately drove to Kristen’s house to meet her. Kristen finally had the chance to personally thank the stranger who honored his grandfather for the life he lived.

Kristen’s grandfather served the military force as part of the Navy and Navy Reserves during World War II.

Kristen said it was such a touching act to receive such respect from someone they don’t know. Bradley, on the other hand, said that all veterans deserve such respect knowing they have risked their lives for the good of many.

Sometimes, we tend to ignore the small things not knowing it’s what truly matters. The simple act of giving honor to a veteran is a meaningful reassurance that his life and sacrifices were not a waste.

Footage and photos provided by KSDK St. Louis