Onlookers Can’t Stop Laughing As They Watch Sneaky Seagull

Phones can be sidetracking particularly nowadays when smart devices basically position a computer system in the palm of your hand. Numerous people are glued to their phones 24/7, many times utilizing their phones in order to deal with things.

However, can you envision being so sidetracked by your phone that you do not see a big bird diving in and nabbing your lunch straight off your plate?

For one female in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, that was a humorous truth.

A video shot and shared on July 5, 2017, reveals a lady eating at a dining establishment in the seaside town. She is deep in concentration, taking a look at her phone. She does not even acknowledge the seagull that’s landed right in front of her.

The seagull slips forward, step by tentative step, plainly eyeballing the lady’s food. Inning accordance with the individual who shot the amusing encounter, the female was consuming calamari rather an appealing treat for a seabird.

Exactly what makes this encounter even funnier are the responses of the observers around the female and her unlikely lunch buddy.

As the seagull inches more closely, everybody except the female whose food will be taken noticed him. The response of a male in blue who moves as if to alert the female, however, winds up stopping and laughing at the sight is especially entertaining.

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