Oprah Narrates A Story About Her Encounter With A “Ghost”

Do you believe in ghosts? There are countless stories we have heard about these beings on the other side of life, but only some who were “gifted” can supposedly see and feel them. Some people have never seen one, but they do believe that after we die, the soul lingers until it finds peace. It is easy to diss people who tell ghost stories when you know they are not reliable. But if it comes from influential people, we do stop for a minute. Oprah Winfrey, the famous TV host and Hollywood celebrity, admitted to seeing a ghost and is not shy about it.

During her show, Oprah After the Show, she tells the audience about her unforgettable encounter. She invited a friend, Akosua Busia, to her house and fellow actress in The Color Purple. They stayed overnight in her house in Chicago. Oprah believes that Akosua tends to drag weird things in her presence. This is when a ghost suddenly showed up at her house.

The famous host woke up in the middle of the night and was shocked to see a ghost in her bedroom! The next morning, Oprah told Akosua about it, and the latter admits to seeing the same ghost in the living room. Her friend said that she has been fighting it all night long. Oprah then concludes that Akosua inadvertently drove the ghost towards her bedroom.

Although the ghost seemed harmless, the two celebrities were still terrified. The apparition left the next night, but it was enough to send them chills all over their spines.

Check out Oprah’s video below and hear how she tells the terrifying story of her own ghost encounter.

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