Oscar Winner Helps Her Son Find The Perfect Man

Two-time Academy Award winner Sally Field recently made another media spark after explicitly supporting her son’s love cues.Many people are captivated by the Winter Olympics happening in Pyeongyang, South Korea. So do Sally and his son Sam Greisman who admits to his mom about admiring one specific athlete on ice.

Sam revealed his special feelings toward a renowned skater online. And this revelation made a recent uproar after his mother expressed strong support.

Sam even informed the public how he got her mother’s nod, and the details just blew the public’s clamor.

Sam said that, at first, he was hesitant to reveal the identity of his ‘Olympic crush.’ He just even opted to text his mother to inform that he has a new love interest. But to his surprise, Sally responded more than the affirmative side. Sam was so happy because her mother said some tips after seeing the lucky one.

Sally said that skater Adam Rippon is insanely pretty and he must find all the means to draw him to his side. These text exchanges were so good for Sam that he even decided to upload them to the internet. Sam then put captions that say “just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush.”

These posts went viral online and immediately recorded 2,000 tweets and 24,000 likes in the first minutes.

But the emotion shifted even higher after Sally completely revealed the identity of her son’s crush online and tagged Adam.

Sally and Sam just proved that support must be given beyond any customs or gender preferences. There are so many ways now to call the attention of your crush!

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