Owner And Pit Bull Reunites After Dog Was Thrown Out From Car During Collision

Car accidents are a common scene on the road. We see it happen to other people from time to time. In some cases, it also happens to us. As much as we try to avoid road accidents, we cannot control other external factors.

Just thinking about it, a car collision is petrifying. You wouldn’t wish it to happen to anyone. During a crash, anything can happen. You become scared, shocked, and oftentimes become injured. However, if you have other people or pets with you inside the vehicle, you also worry for their safety.

Tom Deters got into a serious car crash and the experience terrified him immensely. It happened on the highway. He was driving with his beloved pit bull, Zen.

Suddenly, the vehicle next to them blew a tire and veered directly into the SUV of Tom. It caused the vehicle of Tom to roll and crash straight into the highway median. After that quick scary crash, Tom did not mind his own welfare first, because he was thinking that Zen was gone!

The 1-year old pit bull was ejected from the SUV while the vehicle was rolling. Tom started looking for the lost pup. He searched the streets and houses near the location of the accident. Nobody seemed to remember seeing a pit bull pup. Tom even went to an animal shelter with the hope that Zen was there. But, Zen was not there too.

As a last recourse, Tom posted on social media about his lost dog. He posted the pictures of Zen on his account as well as to groups for lost pets in Facebook. Thank to Tom’s efforts and the help of the people on the Fb groups, words got out.

Soon after, someone from a gas station found Zen and heard about the post of its owner. They called Tom and he headed to the gas station where Zen was waiting for him.