Panda Gives Birth to Twins, Immediately Becomes Proud Mama

There are only less than 2,000 giant pandas in the wild today, which is why the breeding program of the Chinese government is very important to take these gentle creatures off the endangered list.

In the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a giant panda is making sure to contribute to the cause by giving birth to two babies. Around 6 in 10 of these animals have twins, so it’s not exactly rare. But that doesn’t mean they are not welcome! This is something to add to get these pandas from the endangered list to the vulnerable list.

Doctors filmed the giant panda, creatively named Chengda if you can imagine, after she became increasingly uncomfortable. They then wait until the bear gave birth naturally, in keeping with the effort to keep human intervention at a minimum.

Finally, her twin babies were born. And Chengda immediately took on the role of a doting mother.

Pandas can grow to over 300 pounds in their adulthood. When they are born, however, they only weigh about 100 grams, which is disproportionate to their mother’s weight. It also takes a lot of effort for the mother to raise two babies. For survival, the pandas in the wild abandon the weaker of the two.

This is the reason why doctors immediately attend to the pandas giving birth in the facility. If there’s any indication that the mother will abandon the weak one, they can come in to care for the baby just so it survives.

Thankfully, Chengda seems to be taking care of her twin babies, grooming them and making sure they get their fair share of the milk to the delight of the researchers in the Chinese facility. Chalk one up for Chengda for the future of the species.