Parent of ‘Roundabout of Death Challenge’ Victim Warns Others

Viral and trending “challenges” online range from cute and entertaining to harmful and full of violence. This incident that had happened to Tyler Broome in a playground is nothing near to our first statement.

The 11-year old kid is subject to peer pressure as he did try one of the craze or challenges that are circulating the video-sharing website, YouTube. The challenge was named “the roundabout of death” hence, the underlying suggestive violence under its name.

The premise of the challenge involves a roundabout, a common feature of playgrounds. The participant is then spun in a high-speed rate while sitting in the roundabout.

The poor kid suffered damages that pilots and other people experience if they encounter massive G-force. This includes vision impairment and possible brain damage.

After partaking in the challenge, the boy was found unconscious near the roundabout he has ridden.

YouTube / KIDbible

The video that has gone viral suggested and proved everything that ever happened to the kid right after the challenge was done.

He suffered a blurry vision and bulging eyes which gave him the impression of the look of an alien. Tyler also said that he doesn’t remember anything; he doesn’t know the details.

It was also reported that the medical staff directly compared Tyler’s look to the Elephant man and also added that the condition was a first, as they have never seen something like that before.

Authorities have spoken and told the media that the boy is in a stable state but is in a severe condition.

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