Parents Do Acts of Kindness to Honor Son’s Memory

In 2012, parents Sarah and Aaron Rinard lost their son Caleb. Caleb was only 7 months old when he tragically passed away. However, they decided to continue to honor the memory of Caleb by doing certain acts of generosity and kindness.

As a result of a tragic birth injury in 2012, Caleb has passed away. It was also in this year that his parents in Iowa started to perform acts of kindness in Caleb’s honor and they started to do this on a regular basis.

According to Caleb’s Mother, Sarah, they go out and pay for someone’s meal or leave a big tip every year on Caleb’s birthday and also during the anniversary of his passing.

Sarah and Aaron decided to do something special in September 2017. During this time, Caleb is supposed to already be in kindergarten. According to Aaron, Caleb’s father, they decided to do a walk to commemorate Caleb’s memory.

They decided to start walking on the path they will have to take if they were walking their son to school. They did this together with their youngest son, 3-year-old Andrew.

But they did not stop there; they also brought with them a large box on a little red wagon. The box was filled with numerous school supplies. These school supplies were then donated to the school.

This gesture had amazed and surprised the school’s principal. It has also impressed and inspired other parents.

Watch the video below to see the kind gesture of Sarah and Aaron Rinard.

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Discover Sarah and Aaron’s heartwarming gesture in the video below.

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