Parents Went Furious After Postponement of Father-Daughter Dance

The father-daughter dance is probably one of the most awaited dances by most fathers and daughters. But sadly, this might not be experienced by some students.

Parents of children attending PS 65 in Staten Island, New York are in great disappointed and are furious after learning that the traditional father-daughter dance was postponed. The school’s management is pointing out what they call political correctness as the reason for the postponement.

Sophie Scarmadella, the school principal, instructed the Parents and Teachers Association of changing the given date and time of the activity, according to an article in the New York Post. This shocking news is to allow the students’ families to attend the dance.

Principal Scarmadella came up with this move saying that the school follows the new rules set by the Department of Education. The new law states that institutions should eradicate any gender-based practices and activities such as the father-daughter dance.

Miranda Barbot, the DOE spokesperson, expressed in an interview that the department has set some clear guidelines requiring school activities and events to include all students. With this new set of rules, parents are furious knowing that the traditional father-daughter dance is abandoned. Parents pointed out that this was one of the activities they have experienced.

A furious mom also argued about the importance of young girls going out on their first dates with their fathers. It is a way of expressing a sense of formality. Many fathers were also saddened by the sudden announcement thinking that they will be able to take their daughters to their first dance finally. The dance is said to reschedule for another date and time.

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