Parents Were Shocked to Learn Daughter Is Growing Second Skeleton

When Ashley was only nine weeks old, she was adopted by a loving couple Fred and Carol Kurpiel. They were immensely out of the moon on the new addition to their family and were excited to bring their new daughter in their house in Peachtree City in Georgia.

They went home believing that their daughter was healthy. But, after two years, the family faced an unfortunate news. Ashley was diagnosed by her doctors with cancer. It was after they saw a lump on her back. However, when they tried to remove it, the doctors realized that it has already spread which led them to amputate Ashley’s right arm.

After the surgery, the family thought that everything would now be fine. Unfortunately, after five months, there was even more horrible news. The doctors called them and said that they had misdiagnosed Ashley’s condition. They said that it was an extremely rare condition that only affects about one person in every two million people and just about 700 people have it.

The doctors told the couple about their daughter’s disease, and they were left in shock. The illness is starting to turn Ashley’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons into a bone. Fred and Carol were horrified after knowing that their beloved daughter is starting to grow what the doctors called as the second skeleton.

When you hear this unfortunate news about the daughter that you love so much, you would be left entirely heartbroken. However, the doting parents kept their faith. Despite what the doctors had told them before that Ashley would only last for a couple of years, it is already 30 years past.

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