Parents Who Spent Weeks At The Hospital With Their Sick Son Return Home And See Backyard Looks Different

The video listed below was shot in Surprise, Arizona, and the spectacular surprise the Rasky household got when they saw their yard makes that name definitely best!

In March 2017, the Ricky household got some destructive news: Brett and Alicia’s child, Colin, had actually been identified with a brain growth.

For a couple of weeks after Colin was confined to the healthcare facility, neither Brett nor Alicia left his side. Little did they understand, there were modifications going on to their house while they were gone, particularly, to their yard.

“For them, that’s relaxing. Having them have this at the house now and able to come here and to simply barbecue with their family, their next-door neighbors, it’s remarkable. We thought when they got back, this would be something good for them,” stated Davis Margaux, a next-door neighbor of the Rays.

The Ricky‚Äôs like to amuse and barbecue in their yard. All of that had actually taken a back seat to Colin’s healing at the healthcare facility.

When Brett and Alicia went home for a break, they were surprised to see what had actually occurred in their yard while they were gone.

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