Paris Hilton Pays Tribute To Kim K In An Ad For Yeezy

Fans of Kim Kardashian were seeing double when Paris Hilton decided to dress up as Kim.Paris’ transformation was from head to toe, including Kim’s iconic platinum locks. It is widely known that the friends shared numerous snap shots of each other on their social media platforms.

Paris said that the reason behind the transformation was an ad campaign.

It was reported by Huffington Post that Paris re-enacted paparazzi photos of Kim going out on a smoothie run specifically for an ad campaign of the season six of Yeezy’s fashion line. Yeezy is a clothing line that is released and owned by Kim’s husband, Kanye West.

According to W Magazine, Paris was only one of the several other Kim clones who were enlisted to recreate paparazzi photos of Kim to promote the upcoming Yeezy line.

Kim and Paris have been friends since before the release of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which makes this tribute even more amusing. The pair of friends used to be spotted hanging out in multiple Hollywood events together.

At some point, Kim was even Paris’ seasonal assistant and part-time closet organizer.

Since the debut of these photos, fans would agree that Paris’ transformation is spot on. This homage was fun for both Kim and Paris as they continued to post the photos on their different social media outlets.

Seeing the results of the tribute, it seems that it was a hit with the fans as it brought everyone back to circa the days when Kim was just Paris’ secretary slash closet organizer. Fans are enjoying the tribute, and we hope to see more reunions of the friends and to see what Yeezy has been brewing for their season six fashion premiere.

Photos: Getty Images / Stephen Shugerman; Instagram / Kim Kardashian; Instagram / Paris Hilton