Photo of a Police Officer Cuddling an Abandoned Baby Goes Viral

Compassion comes naturally to some people. Police officer James Hurst is probably the best example for this statement.

Officer Hurst’s station was alerted by the locals of the Cuyler-Brownville in Savannah about a toddler wandering around the streets. The residents of the neighborhood were concerned about the safety of the child. Nobody recognized the boy and nobody knew where he came from.

Hurst and the team took the child to the nearest hospital to be assessed. Several doctors and nurses started examining the boy. Naturally, the toddler became very anxious and upset. He started panicking and crying.

Hurst, who is a father of two, knew that he had to do something. He understood that the situation was stressful for such a young boy. His paternal instincts got the best of him. The police officer, who has only been on the force for less than a year, swooped in and carried the child in his arms:

Hurst later shared that the boy became very upset after medical professionals started examining him. Hurst related how the boy was crying, sobbing. He asked the hospital staff if he could hold him to comfort him and to try to calm him down, so the medical staff could continue giving the boy care, and they said that it was fine.

Hurst picked the boy up, and minutes later, the child was asleep along with his chest. However, Hurst was wearing his body armor as well as his gun belt. He said that it became very heavy holding the small child. That was when he decided to sit down on the bed so it could be easier to hold the toddler.

The image of Hurst holding the child has since gone viral. Hurst, however, is reluctant to accept the compliments he has been receiving. The police officer says that he was just doing his job.

The toddler is safe. He is currently in the custody of the state’s Family & Child Services.

Police officers work hard to protect their communities every day. Share this story if you agree and to thank the emergency services for all they do.