Pit Bull That Was Stolen And Gone For A Year Is Reunited With His Owner Just Days Before Being Euthanized

It’s hard to imagine how bad Barry Gearhart had to feel a year ago when his pit bull, Titan, was stolen. He and Titan were miraculously reunited, but Barry still remembers the day his dog was stolen like it was just yesterday. When recalling the day his dog was stolen he says it was “the worse day” of his life.

Like any dedicated pet owner, Barry didn’t ever lose hope that some day he had raised since he was a puppy would be returned. However, even a year after being stolen from the backseat of his truck, there was no sign of his beloved Titan. Still, Barry refused to abandon hope. Continuing to post pictures of his dog on Facebook.

He had posted pictures before but received no replies, however, this time he did!

The reply came from someone who was an animal shelter volunteer. He told Barry that the dog in the picture looked a dog in the shelter. He also mentioned several characteristics that the dog had that were the same as those Barry remembered that Titan also had. However, there was one big problem. After being in the shelter for several weeks without being adopted, he was scheduled to be euthanized in two days.

As soon as Barry received this information he immediately went to the shelter, and he couldn’t believe his eye. The dog that was being called Hank at the shelter was indeed Titan! It was a very emotional reunion that was recorded, as they both recognized each other immediately.

Finally! Titan was back with Barry, where he clearly belongs.

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